Saturday, June 9, 2012

mE OH my, WhaT a MaY!

What a month May 2012 was!
It started off great with a visit from Grams, Auntie Heidi and cousin Remi!

A quick catch up of the month ...
The three cousins born a week apart
all 6 months old finally got to meet each other!

the 3 boys

A fun visit from our old buddy Ashley ....

Then a few days before Grams, Heidi and Remi fly back to CA, 
Cody spent 8 days in the hospital with a flu virus (para-influenza).  I stayed by his side. 
Papa and Grandma came for a week to take care of Cooper, Allie and Tucker. 

He was then home for 2 days and then rushed by ambulance 
back to the hospital because he was grey looking and unresponsive.
His oxygen saturation and heart rate were very low.
While in the ER CPR as administered for approximately 2 minutes.

 He was then ambulanced to Houston's Medical Center 45 minutes away.
The same hospital he was born in.
Cody spent 12 days in the pediatric intensive care unit on a ventilator.
He was sedated with a neuro-muscular block so that 
he would not move.
Cody had contracted another virus, H influenza.
This was a critical time for Cody.  
As he fought for his life, we all prayed for God's mercy and healing.

Traveling to the hospital everyday was a chore but also a joy 
to see Cody make steady slow progress.
Arranging childcare for the other 3 and meals was handled by our friends 
at First Colony and Cinco Ranch churches.
Cody was lifted in prayer literally around the globe.

Cooper and Allie each had a turn visiting Cody.
Allie gave Cody a bath in his hospital bed!

Mr. Rand (our texas grandpa)
spent one night with Cody.

A tough month May was for us!
Lee and I spent mother's day
with Cody
and farmed out Cooper, Allie and Tucker
to wonderful friends.
That mother's day I wondered
if this was the last mother's day I
would be a mother to 4 children.

But ... he recovered slowly
Cody arrived home May 31st!

We are so blessed to have Cody
back home with
 the Carlson Crew!!!!!!!!

(Last day in the hospital waiting for discharge)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Time - and random pic's ...

Life has been super busy!!!
Never did I dream how much work twins would be 

But ...

Good thing I have 2 wonderful little helpers.

They are putting pacifiers into 2 screaming mouths!

Cooper and Allie are like having 2 personal
assistants around.  They are great with retrieval anddisposal 
of diapers, pacifiers, turning off monitors/alarms when they beep
and just about anything I give them to do!

Not sure how much longer they will want to take
baths together so I had to snap this shot.
As you can imagine with 2 this big in the tub
the floor looks like a hurricane hit it.
But the squeels of shear enjoyment
is music to my ears!

Picture of Lee and the big kids
before "Doughnut's with Daddy" at school!

Tucker has just learned to smile, but you have to work 
really hard to capture it! Obviously we didn't - Ha ha ha!

I did something weird with the red-eye reduction in this pic.
and couldn't get the original back.  But everyone is looking!

Cody Loves Baths!
Often he sleeps in total relaxation!

Easter Weekend was rough! 
 Lee gone and
everyone a little sick! 
We celebrated Jesus at home just the 5 of us!
2 days later Cody was admitted into the hospital for 5 days
because of phenomonia - ugg! 
Cody had to get a feeding tube  - double ugg!
This is cody Easter weekend ...
I gave him a break from his tubes for an hour without his 
oxygen while his numbers were good.

Keep praying for this little dude!

Our Easter craft -
The kids loved it and 
I have to admit I did too!
We love Jesus and what he did for us on the cross!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

2 at a time ...

Yippee! Now we're juggling 2 at a time!
Both boys home and we're busy all the time!

Weighting in at 8 and 10 lbs - they're always asking for another round!
Bottles, diapers, lots of laundry and a little bit of sleep but these times won't always be around!

(Brothers holding hands or arm wrestling?)

Big Bro Cooper and Sister Allie as helpful as can be!
Friends always dropping off dinner - how awesome would this be!

bis sis Allie & Cody
(our friend Mr. Clint stopped by with pizza and lent a hand or 2)

Many trips to the airport picking up/dropping off family for their week of service to us!
Still scratching our heads and saying, "How can there really be 6 of us?"

(cousin Dana, skipped school in CA to help out too)

a day at the zoo with Auntie Wendi
Scavenger Hunt Clue

Cody still has a few oxygen issues - so keep those prayers come'n!
The Carlson Crew just can't wait for what else God's got come'n!

Tucker at the zoo

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2 months old!

2 months old and my how you've sprouted,
Now in level 2 NICU - great to be re-routed!

At 5 and 6 lbs. you two are getting big
Surprising Daddy each time he returns from the rig!
Breathing deeply comes easier than before,
Almost everything is less of a chore! 
We’ve seen your eyes,
Kissed both of you little guys!
We love to hold your hands,
Still prayers coming from your fans!
Now you’re wearing little clothes, you so look cool,
Just think - in 6 months we’ll be splashing in the pool!
This month you're learning to suck from a bottle.
Don't worry you'll get it and we'll be there to coddle.
Now your job is to grow, stay healthy and drink every bit 
You'll both be home with the family before you know it!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

What a Christmas!

5 weeks ago Tucker and Cody unexpectantly arrived
By God's hand we all have somehow survived!

It has taken us all a few weeks to recoup
Mom is so glad to be back in the loop

We make the drive to visit the boys every other day
"keep bringing the milk" is what the nurses say!

We are learning all about our little premies 
Wearing clothes is the next goal for them - we tease!

Each day they are growing bigger and stronger 
but still we can't help wonder how much longer?

The nursery is finished thanks to Grams,
there is nothing like the love from your fam!

Aunt Kathy stayed to help out for week #2
Cooper and Allie loved their Aunt, she knew just what to do!

Getting ready for Christmas this year has been a slow go
God's presence is here, it's all that we know!

The boys have given us a unique Christmas surprise
No more C-Pap tubes, clear noses and they're opening their eyes!

Thankful for the nurses, doc's and the NICU
because all of this for us is so new.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

We are blessed!

We have not heard your cries
We have not seen your eyes
yet - We are blessed!

A surprise you two were, right from the start
know it's hard when we must depart
yet - We are blessed!

We have not touched your hand
No place for a kiss to land
yet - We are blessed!

No diapers for us to change
No schedules to rearrange
yet - We are blessed!

They all said, "your hands will be full"
But they are empty
yet - We are blessed!


Thanksgiving is the season you both arrived
Now we wait to hold you both side by side.
yet - we are blessed!

Many prayers for you have gone before
We all wonder what's in store
yet - we are blessed!

You breath in and you breath out
God's got his plan, there is no doubt
yet - We are blessed!

Progress comes and Progress goes
The highs are High the lows may be Low
yet - we are blessed!

A brother and sister wait to play with you
A dad and mom eager for this day too
Lovingly and Patiently the Carlson Crew
Yes! - We are blessed!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hospital Visits!

Cooper and Allie really enjoy the hospital!
There are elevators, escalators, fish tanks, metro cable cars and a great mini-train exhibit!
This place hasn't lost it's excitement!

 They also love to lay in my hospital bed and push the buttons to see what the bed will do!
"No crumbs in Mommy's bed!"

We work on a craft every time they visit!

This is the children's chapel.  On our wheelchair rides we stop to pray . . .

And we write or draw a picture of our prayers to hang on the "prayer tree".

It's been 27 days that Mom has been in the hospital
but she's be home for Thanksgiving!